Wednesday, September 28, 2005

This Blog for Sale!

Kids, it's been a BLAST creating this blog, and it's time to move onto new distractions. Getting more than 1,000 hits to this site the day we were featured on Curbed validated my ego like nothing has before. They called this blog an "instant classic."

So, does anyone want to buy this blog? I'll take bids through October 31st and then I am turning her off. I have really tight web stats recorded since day 1. I would love to pass my baby off to good hands. My email is

This blog could be useful to: Upper West Side store or restaurant owners, elderly care, Lincoln Center, Trump ... or even the LT board if they even know this exists.


Sunday, August 07, 2005

Blog envy

The 45 West 67th Street blog just posted their management's phone numbers and email addresses. Should we be envious? I am sure my spouse has the phone numbers somewhere. But a website directory could be helpful in desperate times.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Hey, does anybody know how getting a parking spot in Lincoln Towers works? I heard that they cost around $50,000 with about $100/month maintenance. Any info out there?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Homage to Pauline Cohen

Why I love Lincoln Towers: There are so many sweet, wise, adorable old people living here. See, I'm getting married in 3 days (yes, mazel tov, thank you). But you wouldn't know that upon meeting me. Perhaps the ring is a giveaway, but it's not like I'm waving it in your face.

So, this morning, I was riding the elevator, standing there unravelling my ipod headphones and Pauline, whose name I did not yet know, said "You will make a great wife."

Remember, a ring alone does not say "getting married this weekend." Her reference to my wedding caught me completely off guard.

I said, "I am getting married in 3 days!"

The other woman in the elevator gasped at the coincidence.

"In the old days," Pauline continued, "we would give young brides string to unravel to test their ability to manage complicated situations."

Fortunatly, I was doing a fantastic job unravelling my headphones, which made me very happy. Having endured a year of family drama, I appreciated the good luck of such a message so early in the morning. Everything's going to be okay, she reminded me.

If you meet Pauline Cohen, give her a hug. She's good luck.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Terror on Broadway?

Was there a bomb scare on the upper west side today? I heard that 72nd street was closed down and there was a guy in full body armor walking up Broadway. Is this true?

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Mochi: The Tasti D-Lite Alternative

Thank goodness for Sweet Berry Farms - the deli on 68th and Amsterdam. I love that place. I shop there daily. This weekend, Susie, the owner, gave me a (Japanese?) ice cream treat for free called Mochi (can't find a website for it). Yum yum yum. It comes in 3 flavors - green tea (my fav), strawberry or vanilla ice cream wrapped in a marshmallow rice-flour dough. The calorie information on the back of the package is a little confusing though. It says

Serving Size: 2 pieces
Servings per Container: 3
Calories: 190

And the package only contains one treat. So does that mean 1 treat is 3 servings? Or the nutrition information is for 2 Mochi's? Enquiring minds need to be satiated.

45 west 67th street

Check out what our friends at 45 west 67th street are blogging. How sweet. Their board appears to be blogging for them! That's nice.

I walked through Lincoln Center this morning. Looks like Midsummer Night's Swing has taken over the plaza. I wonder if my friend Eileen still works there. I can't believe I live 3 blocks from Lincoln Center and never go there any more. I just like hanging out with my man and my cat too much. We never seem to leave our apartment.

I think this blog needs a name. Something inspiring, communal, friendly and spirited. Any and all ideas welcome.

Can someone please tell me why Rite Aid is still in business? I hate going to that place -- the lines take so long. This is New York people!! Why won't they get taken over by Duane Reade so we can get some real service.

Living in Lincoln Towers

I like living here, although I hated it when I moved in. I totally agree the buildings are massive and ugly, they look like projects to me, terrible design, but they do try with plants and trees, and even lawns and benches and it's actually quite pleasant to sit outside.

Service people are great, I find, although I was a bit nonplussed when they called me by my first name -- not the way it is on the Esat Side where I grew up in white gloved buildings, but actually, it makes me feel young (which I am not).

Pet peeves: the maintenance, outrageously high compared to other coops, fromwhat comparisons I've done and it might yet force me out.

Second peeve of course, the insanely long time it is taking to work out the terrace problem. Every morning at 8am 3 workmen land on the terrace outside my window, blare the radio, talk, while I struggle to get dressed inconspicuously (I used to have the blinds open).

Don't know about other peoples' experience with neighbors, it probably differs from floor to floor. Mine are pretty remote, not unfriendly, but remote.
I have been here 10 years, never attended a membership meeting, my life busy enough, and I guess I don't care enough, but if I can answer any questions, I will be happy to try.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Steal This Photo

Here's our beloved LT at night from my 16th story window:

Lincoln Towers at Night


I find it funny that this does stand for cooperative.....WE are the ones forced to by all of their rules.....we are the ones being told what we can and cannot do....there is a select few that have ALL the power....when you ask for something they tell you is the board cooperating with us ????????

Say bye-bye to paper menus

Like many of you, we order take-out at least 5 times a week. Who has time to shop? For many years, my diet has consisted of Hunan Park, Planet Sushi and Josie's. That was ... until I discovered Menu Pages for the West 70s. Bye bye paper menus!!! Now you have 60 choices. Just click "On Screen Menu" and voila! You never have to eat moo shoo again.